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Asian Girl Tied Up and Forced Enema

Asian chicks are into all kinds of freaky shit. Well, freaky if you’re a square, that is. So Dragonlily has no problem getting tied up and enema-ized. As I said, what’s not to like when that feeling of warm water pouring into your asscunt fills you up more than a dick even can, she has to rub her cunt to an explosive orgasm during inhaling that water and after when it pours out of her now clean asshole, just ready and waiting to be filled up with sperm! I had a female friend who talked openly about butt sex and how she loved the fact that you don’t have to worry about rubbers and the feeling of warm cum gushing into hot and willing asshole was a big turn on for her. I never got to do any anal on her, sadly. Guess what? You’re not going to believe this but she lives in Greece now. Surprise, surprise!

asian slut takes an enema and jerks off her pussy and clit

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